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Jason Markk has one purpose and that is clean sneakers. Founded in 2007, Jason Markk saw the need to produce a chemical free cleaning solution for sneakerheads to keep their kicks looking new and fresh. He fulfilled that need by introducing the Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner, an easy to use foam that extended the lifespan and value of a sneakerhead’s shoe collection. Since their start, the brand has launched several other products in the collection, including the first dual-textured cleaning wipe. The company continues to push the envelope with a Drop-off Sneaker Care Service flagship store in Los Angeles and a presence in more than 2,000 stores in 30 counties.


Content Creation
Graphic Design
Motion Design
Shopify Development
Social Media Engagement
UX/UI Design
Video Production

At the forefront, Skratchpaper assisted in the company's rise during the subculture sneaker phenomenon. Jason Markk wanted to show just how easy and quick it was to use his products to maintain the quality of their customers' footwear. Through a variety of digital media, we created the “how to” content showing the simple steps on using the products to achieve clean sneakers. The videos posted on the company’s digital and social channels succeeded in product promotion, increased brand following, and positioned the brand’s image in pop culture. In 2012, upon our recommendation, the eCommerce store was migrated to Shopify to visually enhance the store’s online appeal, optimize the shopping experience, and integrate better customer support. Today, the eCommerce store continues to operate efficiently as a worldwide brand on the same eCommerce platform.

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